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IACF’s 30 Years of Benevolence & Still Counting! - IAN

IACF Gala commemorates 30 Years in Charity - VOA

IACF Supports Talented, Hardworking & Deserving Students

Indo-American Charity Foundation Awards $35,000 in Scholarships to Senior HS Students

IACF Invites You to Join and Say “I Walk – I Care”

IACF 5k Walk-a-Thon “I Walk – I Care” supported by IDA and IDCC

IACF invites you to join and say “I Walk – I Care”

In Harvey’s Wake, IACF Presents a Check of $200,000 to the Mayor of Houston

Indo-American Charity Foundation donates $200,000 to Mayor Turner’s Harvey Relief Fund


IACF Steps Forward at Gala with $250K for the Harvey Relief Fund

IACF’s Sold Out Harvey Relief Fundraiser

Indian-Americans urged to raise funds for Harvey relief

IACF is more than a ‘Big Brother’ to Houston’s Charities

IACF Hands a Record $65K Grants to 25 Local Charities, Its Largest Group

26 High school seniors receive IACF scholarships worth $35000

IACF Awards $35,000 in Scholarships to Senior High School Students

IACF to Award $35,000 in Scholarships to Senior High School Students

IACF Healthcare Networking Dinner, Book Donation for Literacy

IACF supports Literacy Advance’s Book Drive, donates 200 books

IACF hosts Healthcare Networking Dinner with Memorial Hermann





IACF Annual Gala on Friday, September 30

IACF Funds 21 Charities Serving Local Houston Community

IACF Gives 30 High School Grads a Head Start with Scholarship

IACF’s New Leadership to Work on 3 Es: Energize, Expand and Empower